Writing Interesting SEO articles

SEO article writing for new writers may seem a bit intimidating but it is not at all. It is very much like regular writing with a new world twist. You will have to deal with certain internet marketing aspects such as keywords, key word density and hyperlink and the word count. And there was a time when SEO writing is focused mainly on keywords, nowadays, the importance of relevant content is taking precedence over the technical SEO elements. And for those who have been writing the “old way”, here are a few pointers that will help you ease your way into writing the “new” way.

  1. Research - this is the most taxing and grueling part, get the most relevant information and bookmark the website.
  2. Identify your target audience - the tone and mood of your article will largely depend on your target readers. It also depends on the topic you are given.
  3. Choosing a good title - one of the rules in SEO writing is that the title should include the keyword or phrase. And since you know your audience, you&slquo;ll have a good idea on how to catch their attention.
  4. Create an outline - this is optional but is very helpful especially if you have a word count limit. Most writers will agree that in some cases, especially broad topics, a 300 to 400 word count is not enough to write something relevantly informative. The outline will help you summarize effectively.
  5. Keyword density - just like SEO writing, keyword density is not an exact science but it is believed that the most acceptable rate is between 1 to 4 %. This rate lets search engines know that your article is relevant in relation to a certain topic.
  6. Start with a brief description - the first few sentences should somehow inform the reader what to expect. It should also be creatively written to get them to read the whole article.
  7. Placing your hyperlinks - clicking on the backlink to the main site you are promoting is the ultimate objective of the article, so try to build interest around it by letting the reader know that by clicking on the link, they&slquo;re sure to find further relevant information.

The web was created because there was a need to share information over long distances, and people all over the world, in all walks of life coming from different ages and profession have significantly benefitted from it. If you need SEO services that recognise the value of relevant content in marketing please visit PHRISKWEB , a Sydney based Web Development Company.