What's Wrong With Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is a type of SEO that uses methods that overstep the boundaries of the Web Master Guidelines.


These methods may cause harm to a website in many ways. Black hat SEO is primarily used for short-term results. While white hat SEO , a SEO method that adheres to the guidelines of the search engine, is mostly used for website owners that have long-term plans for their website. This is due to the fact that owners that make use of black hat SEO methods are at risk of incurring penalties from the search engine for its misleading techniques. In the worst-case scenario, the search engine may ban a website due to severe violations.

Web Spam

Companies that make use of black hat SEO techniques are prone to web spam. This is due to the type of methods associated with black hat SEO. Methods such as “link farming”, wherein a black hat SEO company offers the service of providing large amounts of backlinks from low quality websites. In most cases, these websites are considered to be web spam.

In a recent Google Algorithm update named Penguin, one of the criterion for page ranking is the quality of backlinks directed towards a website. Websites that have backlinks from low page ranking, spam, or websites with several penalties, it may lower the possibility of moving up the SERPs. On the other hand, websites that have backlinks from high page ranking websites are given favor by the search engines.

Website Damage

Black hat SEO methods uses techniques that can cause harm to a website. For businesses that make use of black hat SEO, may have a difficult time removing it from the website in the future. In those cases, the website owner maybe required to hire a web developer in order ensure that no other parts of the website were damaged. Such damages can cause losses for a website, especially of the website is related to ecommerce.

Part of website damage relates to the security of a website. Due to web spam and hackers, the type of businesses that use with black hat SEO methods, may be more vulnerable to viruses and bugs due to lack of security. This can be an issue for websites that have sensitive information stored in their server.

To conclude, black hat SEO methods may generate short-term results, but can also leave the website with numerous issues.