What You Need To Know About Off Site SEO

Off site SEO are website optimization methods that are not related to the main website.

These methods may range from simple such as blogs, backlinks and forum posts to the more complex such as link wheel, social media profiles and PPC marketing. The objective of off site SEO is to increase search engine page rankings and at the same time connect with visitors and clients.

Search Engines And Backlinks

One of the most common off site SEO practice is building backlinks. Backlinks make up a large part of the page ranking equation. More specifically, backlinks from websites that have web 2.0 property, high page rank or authority. The amount of backlinks count as well, but search engines put more weight on quality backlinks as oppose to quantity.

Social Media

Social media plays a large role in off site SEO. Apart from their popularity with both the users and search engines, social media websites provide platforms for the website owner to participate and interact with the online community. Social media profiles can facilitate live updates, introduce new keywords, build back links and serve as a forum for inquiries.

Off Site SEO Factors

Off site SEO has many factors that are not within the control of the website owner. These factors may include competition, visitor's reaction, trends and search engine algorithm updates. One way to minimize the risk of the outside factors surrounding off site SEO is by doing research and staying updated with current events.


Off site SEO requires the production of fresh and original content. Whether it's a blog entry or a simple status update, the larger the off site SEO campaign the more content is required. It's important to produce content that visitors can relate with. A healthy keyword ratio must also be applied to the content in order to maximize its relevancy. Its best to avoid duplicate content, as this could lead to penalties from search engines. Duplicate content can also degrade the quality of the visitor's online experience.


In conclusion, off site SEO is essential for websites that have long-term goals. Part of having a successful off site SEO campaign is website maintenance. Keeping all the websites related to the campaign updated is crucial and requires meticulous attention to details. However, off site SEO campaigns that are executed well can reap major benefits for websites in the form of traffic generation, page rankings and awareness.