Web Design Company vs. Freelancer

There are three options when designing a website. The first one is to do it yourself, but that requires time and extensive knowledge about website design.

The next two options are either to hire a web design company or a freelancer. These professionals are experts in their field and should be able to deliver the desired results of your web design needs. However, these two options vary greatly in workflow, compensation rates and overall structure.

Below are two detailed comparisons that may help in choosing what's best for your website design.

Web Design Company

Web design companies are businesses that specialize in web design. They have a system that has been proven to work and generate results. Web design companies have a reputation to maintain therefore, they will make certain that the job is completed in a timely, professional manner. Although they may outsource parts of the work, they still manage the project with the intention to protect their own image.

Web design companies are equipped with a team that each specializes in the different areas of web design. There is a misconception that web design companies are expensive. Each company has their own set of rates and packages to choose from. But in the end, if you have a well-made and functioning website then its worth it. In comparison to a website designed by a freelancer, problems may arise before, during or after the launch of the website and the client will end up having to pay more to fix the underlying issues.

Companies that specialize in web design usually offer a complete package layout from planning and design to launching and updates. This can be very useful for an inexperienced client.


In the case of web design, freelancers are people that offer the service of web design on a project basis. Freelancers are usually part-time workers or fresh college grads looking to gain experience and build their profile in the industry. Most freelancers do not specialize in specific components of web design. They have a broad knowledge of how it works; therefore the web design process could take longer and the results are not always consistent.

Most clients have issues when it comes to commitment and deadlines when working with freelancers. There have been many instances wherein a freelancer will disappear in the middle of a project leaving the design unfinished. This can be a very frustrating situation to be in from a client's perspective.

Another factor that freelancers may be lacking in are resources. Web design companies have personalized staff and a wide range of softwares that can enhance the web design process.


To conclude, choosing to work with a web design company for a website ensures stability and quality in web design. While it is still possible to get the same results when working with a freelancer, there are still some key variables lacking for it to be the better option out of the two.