The Significance Of Fresh Content And SEO

One of the most common phrases circulating around many SEO related discussions is, "Content is king."

The phrase emphasizes the need for quality, fresh and vibrant content as oppose to content that is irrelevant, old and full of errors.

Search engines are always trying to increase the user's experience. Part of this focus deals with providing users with content that is both relatable and relevant. Users also favor well-written content because it provides them with useful information.

Statistics Surrounding Web Content

Fresh content can yield positive effects for websites, especially those that deal with ecommerce. Statistics indicate that 52% of consumers are influenced by content from blogs with regards to decisions in making online purchases. Another 42% of consumers read articles, reviews and blogs as a form of research about possible purchases.

Perhaps the most influential indicator that content can directly affect both online and offline sales is from a recent study done on consumer behavior. The study shows that 61% of consumers have a higher chance of buying products from businesses that provide custom content. These figures all point out the importance of quality content and its relation to conversion rates.

How To Generate Fresh Content

The first part of generating fresh content is research. This includes information about your target audience, the product or event, recent trends and press releases. Trends have the ability to dictate the flow of web content online. Information about the target audience may help in choosing the type of writing style and the flexibility of vocabulary words or jargons used in the article.

When it comes the actual writing, its advisable to keep it simple. Users normally do research about a topic or product for clarity. That being said, a complex article can push the reader away. After writing the article, its best to double check for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

Part of content generation is publishing content at a consistent rate. This could range from daily, weekly or monthly. If a follower checks on your website a few times and doesn't find anything new, he/she may end up looking elsewhere for more frequent updates.

Content Writing Service

Generating content can be time consuming and frustrating for people that don't have the motivation or lack writing skills.

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