Social Media Risks And Small Businesses

The use of social media websites for marketing, advertising and brand awareness should not be ignored.

Small businesses generally favor social media websites because they are free. It only takes time and creativity to launch and manage social media profiles for a company.

The rewards of a well managed social media website for a small business can be astounding. It can bring in new customers, interested visitors and potential long-term clients. However, a mismanaged social media website can be disastrous to a company's reputation. If your business is small, it may be hard to rebuild or bounce back from such setbacks.

That being said, it is important to be aware of the social media risks involved in relation to small businesses.

Data Leakage,

The first social media risk is data leakage. It is vital to control or restrict the information on a social media website. Especially if the information has to do with internal company updates or press releases. Inquiries about the business should be handled in a professional manner due to most questions can be seen by the public.

Data theft is commonly associated with data leakage. It is advisable to watch out for viruses and malware by making use of the latest security updates and monitoring tools.

Legal Risks

Small businesses have two things to consider in order to avoid legal risks when working with social media websites. They are the terms and conditions of the social media website and online laws that deal with copyright infringement, intellectual property and privacy. Some laws in the world are not applicable online. This can be very misleading for small businesses that would like to safeguard themselves from such risks related to social media.


A poorly managed social media website is a risk that many small businesses face. Visitors that are exposed to negative comments, feedback, reviews or fraudulent posts can hurt a company's credibility. Abandoned social media websites are also susceptible to spam. Therefore, it's better for small businesses to focus on a few social media platforms as oppose to many mismanaged websites. It is important to close or delete inactive social media websites that are not being used by the business.

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