Website Maintenance: The Key To Online Sustainability

Many people assume that after a website is launched, the job is done.

When in fact, launching a website is the start of a series of important tasks such as monitoring. Website maintenance should not be ignored for businesses that have long-term goals.

The details of website monitoring are often overlooked and many simply focus on the number of visitors or amount of traffic generated. Website monitoring goes deeper than that and also includes other underlying traffic factors that can help the owner of the website plan effectively for the future.

Website maintenance incudes regular check up on the website performance and visitor interaction. One type of website that requires meticulous upkeep and monitoring are social media websites.

Social Media And Website Monitoring

Social media websites are being used today primarily for marketing and promotional purposes. These websites are also platforms for direct interaction with visitors that come across the website. For websites that do not have a forum, blog or feedback section, this could be the only way to communicate with the visitors. Therefore, it‘s important to answer the questions and inquiries from social media websites in a professional manner. Malicious and inappropriate comments must be removed in a timely fashion in order to maintain the reputation of the company.

The way the social media website of a business is monitored is a direct reflection of the way the company operates. If its not well maintained, visitors may have doubts about the overall functionality of the business. The competition for social media websites is rising rapidly. That being said, a well-kept and tidy social media website could be the edge that sets you apart from your other competitors.

Social media websites hold relevant and vital information about the rise and fall of current trends. Active and smart monitoring also includes checking on your competition or events related to your social media website. Posting information about local exhibitions, contests and gatherings on your social media website can increase reliability.

The Importance Of Website Maintenance

Social media websites are not the only type of websites that require regular monitoring and upkeep. Almost all types of websites that range from ecommerce to blogs need consistent web maintenance. Websites that are under maintained are susceptible to being hacked due to infrequent password changes to server accounts, lack of content management software updates and careless information leakage.

Regular website maintenance is a way to stay updated and safe from current security threats that a website may encounter. Websites that are hacked can suffer a decrease in reputation, status and trust. This would be very hard to recover from and can be time consuming, not to mention the monetary loss involved.

For ecommerce websites, website maintenance is a must. Dealing with monetary transactions online is a sensitive issue for regular customers, especially for first time visitors. Inconsistent or a loss in online presence can decrease sales and company credibility.

Website maintenance is a challenging task that many businesses do not have the time for. Some may lack the knowledge and tools needed for proper website upkeep. One solution is to hire a company that specializes or offers web maintenance services.


Phriskweb offers and ongoing service ( providing website maintenance and monitoring services on a regular basis. There are three different packages to choose from depending on the needs of the website. A well maintained website can secure a website‘s page ranking, establish a stronger reputation and decrease the risk of hacking and security related issues. In return this can improve the overall functionality and longevity of a website.