SEO for Small Businesses

Over the past few years, internet marketing has grown more and more essential for businesses. And for start-ups and small businesses, it has become much easier to have their name and brands advertised to their market and it has become common place a direct connection to their customers.

Central to this entire phenomenon are popular social media sites and the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. While the old advertising tri-media (tv-radi0-print) which dominated the industry this past century is still effective, the advent of the internet has taken advertising and marketing to a whole different level and has broaden its reach globally and in a matter of minutes.

While the goal is still the same in this new marketing frontier– exposure and sales, the rules are worlds different. Marketing happens on the result pages of the search engines and search engine optimization is how the goal is reached. For small business owners, SEO is crucial for website traffic and the good news is that it is more affordable than a billboard ad or a TV placement.

Guidelines and Basics of SEO

SEO is all about relevance, and this yardstick of relevance is dictated by the search engines. There are no clear rules as to how search engines like Google decide which page or website is to be included in the first few pages because their algorithms are kept secret. They do so to keep the results from being manipulated. But everyone agrees that the main purpose of search engines is to give the best search results that they can provide their users. And that is what SEOs must keep in mind.

The only rule that Google wants webmasters and web owners to follow is to create content that is informative, engaging and relatable to the target market. SEO is about optimizing the webpages by creating content for humans and making it “crawler” friendly. And now that search engines are making their algorithms more and more humanized, writing articles, content and blog becomes more and more natural. And the more natural it is, the more it is likely to be liked or shared in social media circle.

Keywords That Generate Traffic for Local Small Businesses

Keyword planning is very essential for any webmaster or website owner - especially now that the internet has gone mobile. It is essential to have insight on the keywords are the most likely to be searched by your target market then add the locality you are in. Small businesses that cater to a specific geography should have content that refer to the its community or locality to better generate traffic that convert to actual sales. For instance, the most relevant traffic for a cupcake shop and Café in a Sydney suburb are the website visitors that are actually in Sydney. And these people are likely to search for “best cupcake shop Sydney” or “Café Shop in Sydney North Shore”.

In-House and Outsourced SEO

It is natural for small business owners to take on every single detail in their business including internet marketing. That is good and well because there are a lot of small businesses that are able to manage everything well. However, SEO requires time and planning too and it may cause small business owners to be tempted to focus less on actually managing their business.

The best thing to do is to work with SEO service providers that are open and receptive to your goals and needs. A team that are flexible and as dynamic as the teams that drive the SEO engines, Contact us and we can build a strategy with you.