QR Codes

QR codes have made a sudden appearance in magazines, flight itineraries, business cards and even clothes.

What Is A QR Code?

Originating from Japan, Quick Response code, better known as QR code, is a 2D matrix barcode that contains a specific website when scanned using a smartphone or tablet. QR codes are known for its fast scanning abilities and retrieving specific information online. QR code readers or scanners are fairly common nowadays for both Android and iOS platforms. Most QR code scanning apps are free and easy to use. After downloading the QR code scanning app, place your smartphone or tablet over the QR code. Your device should read the QR code automatically and redirect you to a website.

QR Codes has been a steadily increasing trend over the recent years. At first, QR codes were used to track parts for cars. Now QR codes are used for the following:

  • Marketing
  • Bills payment
  • Product or event information
  • ATMs
  • Emails
  • Flight itineraries

How can QR codes be integrated with SEO?

From an SEO perspective, scanning QR codes is another effective way of generating traffic to a website. The edge that scanning a QR code has is that the visitor does not have navigating through the website to get to a particular page, which eliminates the possibility of the visitor losing interest during navigation.

To conclude, QR codes are the link between offline marketing and online conversions. The uses of scanning QR codes still has yet to reach it's full potential in the market today. Let your creativity decide how to reach your potential customers.

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