Penguin Updates – Dos and Don’ts

It is obvious that the masterminds in Google have been working overtime to make their products better. And as SEO’s there is no way to go but follow suit. The message that Google wants webmasters to do is to focus all web development efforts on what the users or viewers want and the Google Search Engine will reward those efforts by putting the site on top of the lists. This is what the new search algorithm is developed to do.

The keywords for SEOs now are more on quality, shareability, likeability and branding. Those that have been building great sites in the first place, there is no need to fear. But it is still good to know what SEOs should not be doing and what are the best practices based on rank results after Penguin Updates have rolled out.

What NOT to do

  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Focus on Keyword Density
  • Over Optimization
  • Keyword Anchor Texts
  • Low quality and duplicate content
  • Inbound links from unnatural and questionable sources – stay clear of web directories, article directories and low quality bookmarking sites

What to Do

  • Natural anchor texts
  • Good value, informative, quality content
  • Use available digital assets but focus on valuable information
  • Build links that make sense to create continuous natural thought sequences from one article to another
  • Update blogs with fresh unique content that encourage discussions and natural interest among readers and users.

Of course all points are speculative but are based on the impact of the series Penguin Updates on websites across the globe. However, SEOs basically have the same take on what actually works and what doesn’t in terms of Penguin –friendly techniques.

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