Website Updates Are Essential To A Website

The scenario is that you have a website that has been live for a few months now. It's generating traffic and your website is slowly climbing up the search engine page rankings, which is great.

Things are going according to plan.

You notice a slow rise in visitors that comeback regularly then they stopped coming back altogether. Did they lose interest in your website? Your website ranking starts to drop. Was it over optimization?

What happened?

Why Updates Are Important

Website updates are important for two reasons. The first one is for the sake of the visitors or fans that regularly go to your website. They want to see something new. If a website or blog has not been updated for some time, the visitors will think that the owner lost interest or has nothing else to offer.

The second reason is for search engines. One of the many factors for page ranking is fresh content. Search engine crawlers need go through something new once in awhile to make sure the website is still alive and kicking. The frequency of updates is somewhat controversial. Some say once a week, others say once a month. It depends on the type of website and what your updating. At the very least, once a month is relatively safe for those that do not have much time for updates.

Updating You Website

It is important to update your website on a regular basis. It doesn't have to be an entire redesign of the format. Small incremental changes or adjustments that show progress are what I'm talking about. A new blog entry, a new link to a website with more information that supports your product or even a few uploaded images will work from time to time.

Having access to a content management system (CMS) is great for redesign and updates. However, it can be time consuming to use especially if you do not know your way around using one. If that were the case, then it would be a good idea to use the services of a web developer like Phriskweb ( Phriskweb can provide professional feedback and guide you through the updates regarding your website.

Where To Start

If you have not made an update to your website for awhile, its probably best to start with the content. If its low quality, or is not applicable anymore then its best to replace it with something new. That's why blog updates are useful. You can simple create a new blog entry and visitors can still make reference to the old entry and read about the changes. Next, gather some feedback and make minor adjustments from there.


Web development is a process. Launching the website was not the end, it was the beginning of a series of newer and better things to come. When it comes to updates, small changes count. It's always good to start small and eventually those small changes will equal up to something big.