How To Choose An Effective Domain Name

Domain names play a crucial role in a functional website. If chosen properly, the domain name can boost credibility, brand awareness and attract more visitors to the website.

There are many ways to go about choosing a proper domain name. Businesses from, based and/or currently transacting in Australia have the option in choosing a domain name that ends in This immediately lets the visitor know about the origins of the business.

What are the things to consider when registering a domain name under


Before choosing the actual name itself, one of the following guidelines below must be met:

  • The company must be registered in Australia
  • Operating under a registered business name in any Australian State or Territory
  • An Australian partnership or sole trader
  • An overseas company licensed to trade in Australia
  • An owner of an Australian Registered Trade Mark
  • An applicant for an Australian Registered Trade Mark
  • An association incorporated in any Australian State or Territory
  • An Australian Commercial statutory body


Now we move on to choosing a domain name that is most suitable for your business.

It is highly advisable to use the name of your business as your domain name for branding purposes. However, this may not be the case all the time for a handful of reasons. If the domain name is taken or you would rather choose a domain name that captures your business as a whole then you may consider these suggestions:

Choose a domain name that is closely related to your business. This may help people search for your website if they can't remember it.

Keep the domain name short and simple. The rule of thumb is to pick a domain name under 10 characters. The faster and easier people can recall the name of the website the more it will spread by word of mouth.

Avoid words that sound the same but can be spelled differently. Words like eye, sea, for, right and to can be confusing for a first time visitor. Especially if they don't know anything about your website.

Maintain a balance between uniqueness and relevance. It's easy to get stuck at either ends of the spectrum. A great tip is to think of 5 keywords directly related to your business and spin domain names from them.

To conclude, having a well thought out domain name can work for you or against you. Choose wisely and the rewards can be limitless.