Guaranteed SEO Results

Guaranteed SEO results may be enticing to those that are looking for a short-term solution when it comes to traffic generation. Lets take a closer look the components of an SEO campaign and why individuals should avoid companies that offer guaranteed SEO.

Website Traffic Generation

The two factors that an SEO campaign has to consider are the visitors and search engines. Most companies that offer guaranteed SEO services only cater to the search engine. Black hat SEO techniques such as cloaking, hidden keywords and link farming can greatly lower the visitor experience level of a website. This is due to the misleading layout, extra keywords and misplaced banners. These types of methods target search engines instead, in order to move up the SERPs. As a result, there will be traffic generated, but not from visitors that actually want to view the website. This is in comparison to an SEO campaign that makes use of white hat SEO methods.

For example, online businesses may take into consideration the quality of traffic generated due to the fact that ecommerce websites heavily rely on online revenue for sustainability. Hence, the quality of the traffic and conversion rate is essential for the growth of the business.

Violations And Penalties

In most cases, guaranteed SEO methods do not adhere to the Webmaster Guidelines of a search engine. This can be an issue for websites that have long-term plans and expansion. Penalties from using guaranteed SEO methods that violate the Webmaster Guidelines of a search engine can also affect the page ranking of a website. In the worst-case scenario, businesses that incur too much penalties may risk getting the website band from the search engine. SEO businesses that are aware that they are using black hat SEO methods in their services for guaranteed SEO results do not usually stick around very long due to the possibility of violations.

Black Hat SEO

Most guaranteed SEO techniques are black hat SEO . For websites owners that hired an SEO specialist that made use of such methods may have a hard time removing it from the website. Most website owners are left with this task and often require the help of an expert due to the technicality and possibility of further damage.

To conclude, there is no such thing as “guaranteed SEO” results. Instead, well-rounded SEO campaigns that cover the various aspects of traffic generation well may be more effective in boosting quality traffic.