Biggest SEO Fail - Mobile Tyre Service Sydney

I admit it, we telemarket like all small businesses we need new business to grow and in the development space we need new business just to survive. I feel vindicated that once of ther services we provide to companies when we telemarket them is some brief feedback on easy wins in their SEO, even if they get the fix done elsewhere I feel we haven't completely wasted their time.

One particular call yesterday all we were able to find of this company was listings in business directories and not actually a website of their own so we decided to call this to see if there was a reason for this, the answer we got?

"You should do some research before calling I'm rated number one for Australia and New Zealand and won a prize for my SEO Skills"

Why someone in Auckland would be interested in a Mobile Tyre Service on the Northern Beaches of Sydney with only a Mobile number to contact is beyond me but why would he lie when he could just hang up if he didn't want to talk to us.

Sure we weren't going mad we revisited we do a search for "mobile tyre service Sydney" and the best ranking we could find was for a business directory, we then tried searching directly for their business name and they came up on page 2 of the search results. It is a rare occurrence for someone not to rate number one for their own business name let alone on page 2.

One more click and the fail became apparent his website was down, giving the impression to anyone trying to contact him through his website that he was no longer in business.

His Fail was that the best SEO in the world (which he says he has) is useless if the site isn't functional and having a non functional site with no explanation does the opposite to what your website is supposed to do, it actually drives business away.

SEO isn't a once off process it is ongoing as everyone want that number one position and everyone who isn't number one will continue optimising until they get it, requiring counter attack. If you are not even checking your website's existence let along it's SERP rankings you will loose position.

If you don't have time to check your website everyday, take out a maintenance program like one of ours to alert you of any issues and let you get back to making money in your business.