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SEO for Small Businesses

Over the past few years, internet marketing has grown more and more essential for businesses. And for start-ups and small businesses, it has become much easier to have their name and brands advertised to their market and it has become common place a direct connection to their customers.

Hummingbird – Redefining SEO Strategies

The days of robotic or jumbled queries have come to an end. The newest algorithm from Google gives users an advantage and a better search experience. Hummingbird promises results that focus on meanings of words, effectively answering questions rather than offer a list of websites that simply have certain words in the query.

Penguin Updates – Dos and Don’ts

It is obvious that the masterminds in Google have been working overtime to make their products better. And as SEO’s there is no way to go but follow suit. The message that Google wants webmasters to do is to focus all web development efforts on what the users or viewers want and the Google Search Engine will reward those efforts by putting the site on top of the lists. This is what the new search algorithm is developed to do.

Writing Interesting SEO articles

SEO article writing for new writers may seem a bit intimidating but it is not at all. It is very much like regular writing with a new world twist. You will have to deal with certain internet marketing aspects such as keywords, key word density and hyperlink and the word count. And there was a time when SEO writing is focused mainly on keywords, nowadays, the importance of relevant content is taking precedence over the technical SEO elements. And for those who have been writing the “old way”, here are a few pointers that will help you ease your way into writing the “new” way.

What's Wrong With Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO is a type of SEO that uses methods that overstep the boundaries of the Web Master Guidelines.

Guaranteed SEO Results

Guaranteed SEO results may be enticing to those that are looking for a short-term solution when it comes to traffic generation. Lets take a closer look the components of an SEO campaign and why individuals should avoid companies that offer guaranteed SEO.

SEO Fail: Common Mistakes Related To Website Structure

In order to maximize a website's SEO efforts, it is essential to start as early as mapping out the site structure.

Pay Per Click vs. Organic SEO

Generating traffic from search engines is the primary goal for online companies in order to boost revenue. These days, there are two very different online marketing strategies that are being used by websites. These campaigns are better known as pay per click (PPC) and organic SEO.

Long Tail SEO Keywords

Keywords have always played an essential role in a SEO campaign. Like the other SEO methods, keyword strategies have become more complex in the past decade.

Mobile Application vs. Mobile Website: Which Is Better?

Smartphone usage has experienced a surge in growth over the past five years. Analysts say that it will continue to grow exponentially in the next decade.

SEO for Sydney, Handyman Services

SEO Sydney has come a long way over the past couple of decades due to the evolution of search engines and consumer behavior.

Gone are the days when saturated keywords and web spam were enough to catapult a website to the top of the SERPs. Nowadays, a balance of numerous SEO components are required; as well as constant update and website maintenance for a successful SEO campaign.

Biggest SEO Fail - Mobile Tyre Service Sydney

I admit it, we telemarket like all small businesses we need new business to grow and in the development space we need new business just to survive. I feel vindicated that once of ther services we provide to companies when we telemarket them is some brief feedback on easy wins in their SEO, even if they get the fix done elsewhere I feel we haven't completely wasted their time.

Social Media Risks And Small Businesses

The use of social media websites for marketing, advertising and brand awareness should not be ignored.

Small businesses generally favor social media websites because they are free. It only takes time and creativity to launch and manage social media profiles for a company.

The Significance Of Fresh Content And SEO

One of the most common phrases circulating around many SEO related discussions is, "Content is king."

What You Need To Know About Off Site SEO

Off site SEO are website optimization methods that are not related to the main website.

These methods may range from simple such as blogs, backlinks and forum posts to the more complex such as link wheel, social media profiles and PPC marketing. The objective of off site SEO is to increase search engine page rankings and at the same time connect with visitors and clients.

The Advantages Of Using A Web Maintenance Service

Web maintenance is a task that many website owners overlook.

Either they don't see the need for it or they lack the knowledge and tools to maintain the website properly.

The Difference Between A Web Designer And A Web Developer

When it comes to creating a website, the phrases web designer and web developer are often interchanged and confused.

Website Maintenance: The Key To Online Sustainability

Many people assume that after a website is launched, the job is done.

When in fact, launching a website is the start of a series of important tasks such as monitoring. Website maintenance should not be ignored for businesses that have long-term goals.

Website Updates Are Essential To A Website

The scenario is that you have a website that has been live for a few months now. It's generating traffic and your website is slowly climbing up the search engine page rankings, which is great.

Things are going according to plan.

You notice a slow rise in visitors that comeback regularly then they stopped coming back altogether. Did they lose interest in your website? Your website ranking starts to drop. Was it over optimization?

QR Codes

QR codes have made a sudden appearance in magazines, flight itineraries, business cards and even clothes.

The Importance Of Face-to-Face Communication With A Web Developer

In Sydney, communication is the key to a successful business relationship or transaction.

This is common knowledge, yet most people often neglect this part of the process or substitute it with other less stable forms of communication. But you can't really blame those that do; face-to-face contact requires scheduling, committing, traveling and presence.

Web Design Company vs. Freelancer

There are three options when designing a website. The first one is to do it yourself, but that requires time and extensive knowledge about website design.

Joomla vs. Wordpress

Designing and updating a website can be a complex task for both users and professionals alike.


Content management systems or CMS, are platforms that allows people to manage the overall content of a website. Most content management systems have the following tools for web design content:

On Site SEO

On site SEO is responsible for 25% of the SEO factor and is the foundation of your website's search engine rankings.

That being said, it is important to utilize strong on site SEO techniques in order to make sure the other aspects of SEO are working properly.

How To Choose An Effective Domain Name

Domain names play a crucial role in a functional website. If chosen properly, the domain name can boost credibility, brand awareness and attract more visitors to the website.

How To Get Good Results When Working With a Web Developer

Working with a web developer for your website should be a comfortable and smooth experience. More often that not, communication gaps followed by frustration can hinder the results of a website.

How do you maximize your experience when working with a web developer to get favorable results?

Link Wheel: Your Website's Support System

No man is an island. Having more quality connections equates to an increase in life value. Is this also applicable when developing a website for your business?

Welcome to the world of link wheels.