SEO Friendly Code

Indexing is a large part of SEO. The SEO structures that make up a website are often neglected, resulting in a visually well-made site that does not generate traffic. Establishing the foundation of a website requires working with codes, html, tags, and etc. Spider friendly codes should be as clean as possible, to ease the task of indexing for search engines. Using SEO friendly codes may get technical at times and require some basic knowledge in website coding. Don’t worry if your HTML webpage code is not perfect. Search engine algorithms change at a rapid rate therefore; you should expect to make changes to your code as well to adapt to the SEO standards. Some general SEO practices for keeping the website codes clean are the following:

  • Use an external CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) file for your website design
  • Use an external .JS file for JavaScript codes
  • Keep the title, meta and keyword tags simple
  • Use sub directories
  • Run the code using a validator for verification
  • Keep URLs simple


CSS or Cascade Style Sheet is a style sheet language that shows how the content will appear from a visitor’s point of view. This usually pertains to the layout, colors and fonts. The role of CSS is to allow separation from the document content to the document presentation. CSS gives you an overview to control your website.

An example of how CSS files works are font adjustments to the headers of website. Editing a CSS file will allow you to change the font color, type, adjustment and etc. You can implement the changes for all the headers, saving you loads of time while minimizing error. CSS files work with less codes, resulting in a smaller file that will decrease website loading time, which is an SEO advantage in ranking.


During website design, you may be tempted to use a template. After all, it saves time, looks great and requires less knowledge. From an SEO friendly code point of view this is not advisable. Most website design templates use codes that are complex and out dated, making indexing them a hard task. Most web development companies build source codes from scratch with SEO in mind. Pre-made templates also do not allow the user to modify the source code, making it not as versatile. Since other companies are using the same templates, it would be harder to standout from your competitors.

SEO Friendly Code Techniques

SEO friendly codes refer to the techniques that help indexing websites to be an easier, faster and relevant process. Optimizing SEO codes removes the barrier between the user and the search engine. These codes should ideally be kept updated and well organized. Search engines take content code ratio and accessibility into consideration when indexing a website. Visually appealing websites are great, only if you have full control. This is one aspect of coding that allows the user to have. The next section of the book will elaborate more on specific SEO friendly code methods that will help build a functioning and efficient website.