Search Engine Submission For Other Search Engines

Search engine submission for other search engines is all relatively the same. The simple two-step method mentioned in the previous chapter is often used for other search engines as well. However, each search engine has minor guidelines to take into consideration during submission. Another difference is that some search engines offer the service of search engine submission with a price, while most offer it for free. It would be impossible to cover all the search engines, therefore I will talk about the four major search engines and how they may vary when it comes to search engine submission.


Yahoo! offers search engine submission at no cost. However, the search engine also has another service for websites that want their websites to be indexed immediately. This comes at a price, usually per click. This could easily burn a hole in your budget if your not careful. Should you choose to stop using this service, your website will still be listed on the Yahoo! directory for free.

Microsoft Live Search (MSN Search) And Bing

These search engines follow the same guidelines and search engine submission procedures as Yahoo! and Google. is one of the few search engines that does not offer search engine submission. Instead, they have guidelines similar to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines (refer to previous chapter about Google Search Engine Submission) to adhere to for proper indexing.

Other Alternatives

For those that insist on making sure that their website is indexed on the major and minor search engines to maximize traffic; there are companies that offer the service of search engine submission. The only advantage of using this service is that those companies also submit your website to local search engines that are in different languages and may have a more complete list of search engines at their disposal.

Finally, it is important to highlight again that for the majority, search engine submission is a free service. There are numerous scams of companies offering search engine submission claiming that there are costs involved in the service. Taking a few minutes to submit a website to a search engine is a simple task that almost any average website owner can do, therefore its best to avoid those scams.