Search Engine Submission

Search engine submission is the act of submitting a website to a search engine with the intention of speeding up the indexing process. There are many controversial issues surrounding this off page SEO method due to search engines are already designed to discover or find new websites on a daily basis. Therefore doing a search engine submission seems redundant. However, it may take some time before search engine crawlers stumble upon a new website. Many website owners also do not want to take the risk of not being indexed or crawled therefore search engine submission is a way of ensuring or safeguarding a spot in the search engine directory. Lastly, search engine submission is done when a website has been updated. Again, this is done to immediately let the search engine know about the updates.

Methods For Search Engine Submission

There are two ways to perform a search engine submission. The first one is by submitting each page of a website one at a time or submitting the sitemap file (refer to previous chapter about sitemaps for more information). The second way is, if the website has a solid site structure, by submitting the home page only and let the search engine crawler index the rest of the webpages.

Search Engine Submission And SEO

Many SEO companies use search engine submission as a form of marketing or promotion. Search engine submission should be used in particular situations only and is not needed every time a new website is created or updated. In some cases, search engine submission comes with a yearly fee. Most website owners do not see the logic behind paying for something that will eventually get done for free.

As mentioned before, generating SEO results takes time. It’s not an overnight magical event. Therefore, I would advise at the start to let the search engine crawler naturally index the website while the other SEO factors are still slowly taking effect. However, after some time if you find out that a search engine has not indexed your website (assuming the site structure, internal linking and keywords foundation are all in place and the website is live), then it’s a good idea to do a search engine submission.

In the case of major website redesign, it maybe a good idea to do a search engine submission. Most websites experience a decrease in traffic after redesigning a website. Therefore, in the efforts to keep the traffic generated consistent, a search engine submission may be needed.

The results of page ranking from search engine submission are another controversial issue. Some websites report a rapid increase in page rankings, while others claim that search engine submission does nothing to benefit a website. This issue is hard to settle because websites are optimized differently and ranking for different categories means that the amount of competition may vary. In the end, search engine submission depends on the off page SEO strategy of the website owner. The next few chapters will target search engine submission for specific websites directories and search engines.