Off Page SEO Introduction

Off page SEO is website optimization for anything that is not directly related to the website. Some examples of off page SEO methods are building back links, off site blogging, social media networking, forum posts, press releases, link wheels, reviews and PPC campaigns. One of the main objectives of off page SEO is building connections on various platforms. This increases awareness of the main website and adds promotional value. Off page SEO deals a lot with communicating with the visitors through fresh content, comments and inquiries. In many ways, off page SEO methods are related to the public relation and inbound marketing of a website.

Off page SEO is essential for websites that want to dominate the SERPs. As mentioned in the previous chapter about links, off page SEO makes up a big part of the page ranking equation. Therefore, one of the most frequently used off page SEO technic is building back links for a website.

Due to the many outside factors related to off page SEO, most of the results are out of your control. That is why the content related to off page SEO is so important. Visitor behavior, reactions or feedback are factors to consider when monitoring off page SEO. Information such as the length of time a visitor stays, how they left and if they bookmarked the website are details to watch out for to avoid “junk traffic.”

Domain Age And Off Page SEO

The domain age of a website is one of the few off page SEO factors that is within control of the owner. Search engines also take domain age into consideration with regards to page ranking. How long the domain name is registered for is another underlying factor related to the domain age of a website. According to search engines, this is an indicator of how serious the owner is about the future of the website. That being said, it is important to check the domain history before registering a domain name. If the domain name was used for black hat SEO or spam related services it’s probably a good idea not to use it.


Off page SEO strategies vary depending on the size, type and future goals of a website. The next set of chapters will further go into detail about a number of important off page SEO practices and how they can be implemented to a website properly to generate healthy traffic.