Google Search Engine Submission

Google is inarguably the largest and most widely used search engine today. It dominates over the other search engines by an incredible margin. Therefore, making sure your website is indexed by Google is important. Under the Google Webmaster Guidelines, it says that search engine submission is not a necessary task because their crawlers will eventually find the website. However, Google states that their crawlers go through billions of pages on a daily basis and that it's possible to miss out on some websites in the process. Google indicates several reasons why this could happen, mostly related to misleading website structure and design. Lets take a closer look at these factors.

Search Engine Submission And Site Structure

The importance of website structure was emphasized in the previous chapter (refer to chapter about site structure). Google stresses it even more but with details as why crawlers may not be able index a website properly. The first reason is the design of the website. Google claims that if the website design is overly complex and misleading, the crawler may have a hard time going through its content. The next reason are the links related to the website. If the website is not connected well with other websites, it could post as an issue for the search engine crawler. This makes sense due to fact that crawlers jump from one page to another using links. The last reason is the website was down, unavailable or came back with an error while the crawler was trying to index it.

The only reason that does not have to do with website structure that Google mentions about improper website indexing is the timing of the website launch. If the website was launched after the crawler completed its rounds then it won't be included in the directory. In that case, you may simply opt to wait for the next time the crawler is scheduled for another scan. Google emphasizes building a crawler friendly site, creating and submitting a sitemap for website to avoid the need of search engine submission.

How To Do A Search Engine Submission On Google

In the event that you need to do a search engine submission for your website for Google, there are two simple steps to follow. You may go to, and simply key in the URL and click submit. Google does not commit to a specific timeframe of when or if the website that was submitted will be indexed. Google offers the service of search engine submission free of charge. Due to the quick and easy process that Google designed for search engine submission, it would be a smart idea to make use of its services.