Back Links

Back links, or inbound links are links that come from an outside source directing to your website. Building back links (link building) is one of the most important off page SEO practice for search engine page rankings. For a brief history about how links evolved in the past decade, you may refer to the previous chapter about links.

Back Link Building Strategies

Link building requires careful and strategic planning. The first types of links that you want are from websites that have high page rank, authority or web 2.0 properties. This establishes a solid foundation for a website that is new to the field. Create social media profiles and website blogs for your website. Make sure they all link back to your website. It is important to have natural content on these websites that support your link and are updated on a regular basis, otherwise visitors will not be drawn to them. You can also write reviews on high authority websites and insert your own link at the same time.

The next set of links that are good to have, but not necessarily the best are from forums and directories (with the exception of a few). These types of links can still generate traffic to a website, but some search engines do not count them as quality links. This is because forums and directories have been known to generate a lot of spam.

Another strategy is to have a look around your online “neighborhood.” If your website is selling or is about mountain climbing, then check which websites are within the same topic. Search within a wide range of platforms such as blogs, ecommerce, event listings, media and etc. Pick out the ones that are closely related to your website and politely ask for a link. This is a way of building relevancy and getting your website out there. It requires some work to gather the data and create email templates, but it’s worth it.

A creative link building technique is by generating buzz. This could be as simple as holding a contest, giveaways, samples and etc. This will naturally attract people to your website and may get some strong links out of it in the process.

Link Farms

Link farms are companies that sell links to other websites. These companies usually have access to or own large amounts of websites. This is a black hat SEO technique and is not a credible way to build back links. It is important to note that most of the links that are being offered from link farm companies are from websites that do not have very high page rank or authority.

Companies may opt to buy links on a smaller scale. However, search engines have strict guidelines when it comes to buying links. It is possible to get your website banned from a search engine directory for violating the guidelines surrounding fraudulent linking practices.

Bank Links And Web Tools

There are a number of tools available that are related to building back links for SEO purposes. As mentioned earlier, quality back links from high page ranking websites are better than numerous back links from low quality websites. With that in mind, it is important to know the quality of the website that you’re getting a back link from. There are link analyzers that are available to know the history, page rank, link power, spam links (if any) of a website. The information generated by these tools can be helpful in filtering out which links would be beneficial for your website.


Building back links is an essential part of SEO. It is a continuous process that requires patience. Search engine algorithms change and website page rankings shift, therefore link building requires regular check ups and frequent updates.